Feline Friday: Human Birthday, Week 2

Last week it was the husband’s birthday. This week it was my birthday. The cats are getting tired of the celebrations…

Inky is always beautiful.

I do not understand the human female’s obsession with growing older.

Every year she wakes up on one particular day and announces that it is her birthday. The two of them talk about going out to dinner. They talk about doing something ‘special’ or ‘fun’. Then the female asks me why I’m not singing this ridiculous song to her.

Just to make her stop asking I finally carried on a brief performance of the requested song. It was so I could have some silence, not because I am happy it is her birthday.

Of course, she was excited and took it as a sign that I am growing fond of her. Hugging ensued.

I will never do that again.


One thought on “Feline Friday: Human Birthday, Week 2”

  1. My two lovelies have been singing, too, in anticipation of your birthday. I didn’t realize they could read the calendar!

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