As it…

… turns out, I am a horrible binge watcher.

Horrible might be incorrect since I’m actually quite good at it.

When I was sick recently I watched the entirety of the BBC’s “Pride and Prejudice” one day and the entirety of Season 2 of “Mr. Selfridge” the next.

I’m always glad to be able to get things done when I’m sick…

Sometime last week I finally decided my husband and I needed to watch “Arrow”. See, I’m a Dr.Who (reboot) fan and one of my favorite characters was Captain Jack played by John Barrowman. He’s fun on screen. He’s fun in real life. What more can you ask for in a TV personality? So, anyway, I knew he was on “Arrow” and, even better, as a villain!

So, now we’re almost caught up to current episodes. And, due to watching Arrow I have threatened my husband with the acquisition of a leather outfit. For him. I think he’d carry it off very well. Leather is great for tall, leggy people with wide shoulders.

I have mixed feelings about binge-watching TV. The bad: sitting on the couch for hours. Coming to the end of available material.

The good: Not having to wait a week between story advancement (until you catch up)

You know how, when you’re on vacation, you’re having a great time and then suddenly you’re halfway through and time runs faster and faster until they’re practically shoving you off the ship (if you cruise)? That’s how I feel when I binge watch TV episodes.

This is how I’m feeling in response to the advancement of time in general.

I’m not terribly worried about aging, looking older. I have acquaintances who are absolutely obsessed with their appearance. I don’t really get it, but respect their right to have surgery and avail themselves of every route to beauty available. But aging, it happens to the best of us and I think it’s best to let it happen gracefully. Me, I’m worried about running out of time. Time to meet goals. Time to experience life.

I have a lot of work to do.


2 thoughts on “As it…”

  1. I really love binge-watching TV. But I also have the same time issues with it. I’ll have big plans for reorganizing or getting something done, and where did the time go? Oh, right. The next season of Scandal was up on the Netflix.

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