Feline Friday: Pointy Things!

Twenty years ago (okay, more than twenty years ago) I was on the fencing team in college. I even made the varsity team, but that was more by default than because of actual skill. I’ve recently picked up the foil again and Ember is *fascinated*.


The Mommy spends a lot of time at her “desk” doing something she calls “work”. I would prefer it if she sat on one of the plush giant cats beds around the house to hold and pet me, but I get it.

Who am I kidding? No, I don’t “get it.” I want cuddles and pets and I want them now! Right now! All the time!

Except when I don’t.

Anyway. So, lately the Mommy has been “exercising.” I only know what it’s called because she grumbles about it. She says she sits too much. She says she needs to be more active. Then she says something about “forty” lurking around the corner. But I think she’s making a joke. There’s nothing lurking around the corner, I’ve looked.

One of her “exercises” involves this long pointy thing. It has a red tip on the end. It’s just like the bright red dot that I never seem able to catch, but better because I know the Mommy is on the end of it playing with me! I love playing!

The red tip waves around in the air as the Mommy mutters to herself “Advance, retreat, retreat. Lunge! Ow, I won’t be able to walk tomorrow!”

It never lasts very long, this “exercise.”

But, while it does, I am chasing that red tip and sometimes the Mommy lowers it so I can catch it. She’s very careful and tells me to be careful, too. “Wouldn’t want to poke an eye out,” she says. I think she’s right. Poking an eye out sounds painful!


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