Feline Friday: Going to the Vet


This week, it is not we the kitties going to the vet.

The Mommy is.

She’s a little agitated. A little more of a short fuse than usual. She’s told us that we have to be nice to her when she gets home.

She wanted me to talk about something important this week, but she didn’t talk about important things, so I’m an uninformed kitty. The Mommy has always said that if I’m uninformed I shouldn’t spout my ignorance. So I mostly just spout about the fact my kitty dinner bowl is empty.

Really, it’s like, empty ALLL the time…

I know things happened in the world outside of our cozy house. I know they weren’t good – the Mommy spent much time on her favorite toy, reading and looking angry.

Maybe next week while she’s recovering from her vet visit she’ll talk a bit more about things outside.

This week she mostly ranted about “taxes” and not much of what she said was intelligible.

When I mentioned this to Inkblot she looked at me as if I was silly for expecting anything different.


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