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Feline Friday: My least favorite holiday

I LOVE National Hug Your Cat Day. It’s soon becoming one of my favorite days of the year. Inkblot is not amused.

Whatever idiot human decided to create this ridiculous “Hug your cat day” should be put in the town square and have rotten vegetable matter thrown at him or her all day.

All day long.

It is due to this horrid idea that I have to endure the picking up and the hugging and the …ick… kisses!

The human female loves it. She gets up in the morning to find us and give us each a kiss. Then she sneaks up on us while we’re napping to give us a hug. Then she tempts us with treats then gives us more hugs.


Perturbed Blot
This is my face all day on National Hug Your Cat Day. Please make it stop.