What a …

… suck day Saturday was.

It all started with a relatively sleepless night, so that when I woke up and finally realized that I was, in fact, panicking, I had nothing left in the tank to deal with the aforementioned panic. Cue the frantic call to the husband (hereafter referred to as “K”). After ranting at him for a few minutes in full meltdown, I calmed. Sanity returned. I got in the car. Pushed the start button. Opened the garage and then drove with Brother Sal’s “Cotton” playing on loop all the way to the Vegas strip.

More about the song later.

The day was almost completely as expected except my client was very cool, which always helps because yelling just makes me want to hide all the more. Loud noises scare me. Yelling, doubly so. So, gear was missing. Incorrect pieces were sent. There was a rat’s nest of cable, and I was sent The. Wrong. Computer.


Here’s the thing about me – perhaps I shouldn’t admit this in a public forum – but I always assume everyone knows more than I do. I don’t know where I picked that up, but if I could time travel and give my younger self a bit of advice it would be to shake that off right away. There’s a reason I received a Bachelor’s degree at eighteen and it’s certainly not because I’m dumb as a brick.

I also rarely stand up for myself. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I did. I didn’t stand up for myself on Saturday. (Although the client did, I found out. He’s my new favorite.) I knew what the problem was, but I still spent hours on the phone, troubleshooting. The problem was the computer but I couldn’t seem to get anyone to believe me.

It took having the guy who replaced me two years ago when I walked away from the glamor of live production coming to my location after a full day of his own – and having him say, essentially, “This computer doesn’t work.”

Double sigh.

In the end, it all worked out. I made everyone happy today by bringing in my gluten free peanut butter cookies. And despite having to box surf due to a rigging line having jumped a sheave, my truck was the first one off the dock. That’s never happened. The component I work with is always the last out of the building. Not so today and I was so happy about it that I nearly danced down the hallway after returning my badge to security. Leaving before everyone else, after years of being the one shutting off the lights, felt really good.

So. That’s where I’ve been. Feline Friday languished last week, but I’ll watch the kitties closely for antics this week. At thirteen and fourteen years old, Ember and Inkblot sleep a lot. As cats do. Oh – almost forgot! Ember was featured on Katzenworld’s TRT (Tummy Rub Tuesday) – for the second week!

She’s a star!

Also also, the song by Brother Sal – I don’t know what it’s about. I haven’t looked up the lyrics. I really hope it’s not offensive to anyone, and because of who the musical tip came from, I doubt it is. But the song has a great sound, and that’s what I listen to. There are influences of rock, blues, jazz, and even gospel. It’s got a happy, upbeat melody and you can definitely dance to it.


2 thoughts on “What a …”

  1. That DOES sound frustrating, especially the part where no one believed what you were saying until someone else confirmed it. That would give me angry eyes. *hands you virtual cup of tea*

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